San Fran

We have spent the last three days of our holiday in San Francisco taking in the sights and enjoying the great food in the area. We walked to Pier 39 down at fisherman’s wharf and had clam chowder in a sour dough bread bowl, ate yummy crepes with chocolate and fresh Californian strawberries, watched the sea lions laze in the sun on the pier and took the cable car up into the city and did some shopping at Union square.

The one thing we didn’t see was the Golden Gate Bridge, which was pretty much covered in fog the whole time we were there. Lucky I got some good shots last time I was here in 2009. We caught there Muni the local electrified bus to Chinatown and took in the sights and sounds of this thriving community. I think we were there on grocery day as the locals were out in full force looking at everything from fresh peanuts in their shells; live shrimp swimming in tanks to freshly caught salmon and weird looking fungi that did not look at all appetising.

We are now heading down the 101 to Los Angeles our last stop on our trip before we fly out in a few days.

So here is a recap on the trip so far and where we have been.
In the USA have been to nine states
• California
• Nevada
• Utah
• Colorado
• Arizona
• Wyoming
• Montana
• Washington State
• Oregan
And twelve National Parks
• Death Valley National Park
• Grand Canyon National Park
• Canyonlands National Park
• Arches National Park
• Mesa Verde National Park
• Petrified Forest National Park
• Yellowstone National Park
• Crater Lake National Park
• Lassen Volcanic National Park
• Glacier National Park
• Olympic National Park
• Grand Teton National Park

In Canada we went to two Provinces
• Alberta
• British Columbia
And visited
• Waterton – Glacier National Peace Park
• Banff National Park
• Yoho National Park
• Jasper National Park
• Kootenay National Park
• Glacier National Park
There were also a few State Parks, a Meteor Crater and just a few shopping centers thrown in for good measure. …..Heading into Los Angeles we have done 7,800 miles and we still have a few days to go… Did I mention I am tired?…I think I will sleep on the plane home no worries…. More soon x


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  1. You both will need a holiday to get over the holiday 🙂

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