Heading Home

We have spent the last few days in LA staying at Redondo Beach, a great place on the water. We have walked around the beaches and pier and took in a gorgeous sunset.

The pelicans are so tame here waiting around for fishing boats and fisherman alike to feed them scraps. Please note it is not a good idea to get to close to take a photo with them as they do try and snap for food…lesson learnt.

Yesterday we drove to Venice Beach and took in the sights and interesting people that dwell there. We even got to be extras in a television commercial that they were filming there.. we thing it has something to do with basketball as there were 30 or so men dressed like players. ( they may have been actual players we are not sure) It was awesome to see how they film it and the effects they use to make it look unreal, hopefully we can see the finished product.
We ended the night at the marina at the Cheesecake Factory having a scrumptious meal for our last night here.
Today we are packing up and heading off to spend the day around LA before flying out tonight.
Cannot believe this holiday is drawing to an end, we have had an awesome time, but cannot wait to see family when we get home…..


One Response to “Heading Home”

  1. Two lovely pics, Yank Pelicans are sure different to ours 🙂 It would be wonderful to live on a West coast to get Sunsets into the Sea pics.
    Very pleased you both had a wonderful and SAFE holiday 🙂

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