Squirrels, Lighthouses and Seals

After breakfast we headed down to Glass Beach in Fort Bragg which is abundant in sea glass created from years of dumping garbage back in the early 20th century into an area of coastline near the northern part of the town. While the area is now a state park and it is illegal to take the glass from the beach there were many people down there scouring and collecting the little glass that is left there and as a result GlassLess Beach would be a more appropriate name.

I did come across a couple of grey squirrels that lived in an old tree trunk on the way out of the beach who was happy to pose for me and another person there taking photos. I do love a good squirrel shot.

We then headed on down the windy and twisty coastal 101 towards San Fran stopping along the way to take in the views and scenery. We stopped just out of town and took a walk down to Point Cabrillo lighthouse. This state park and nature preserve is one of the most complete (restored) light stations in America. The 100-year-old lighthouse – with its British-built Fresnel Lens operates as a Federal Aid to Navigation.

We once again headed south and stopped at the Point Arena Lighthouse overlook. From here we could see the lighthouse and rocky coastline and also got to watch a group of Seals “sun” themselves and try and snooze while rough waves washed over them. What a great sight!

We were soon back into the crazy freeway traffic heading into San Francisco as this wild fog rolled across us as we neared the Golden Gate Bridge. At one point all the traffic stooped dead as vision was at zero, gotta love that fog. As we drove over the bridge the fog continued to envelope it with only sections visible. The temperature had dropped to love 50’sF by this stage.

Time to head to the Motel and warm up ….


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