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High Enough for Mountain Goats

Posted in My Trip on July 23, 2009 by carshamus


We decided to head to Pikes Peak today, a mountain with an elevation of 14,100ft.  It is a mountain in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, 10 miles (16 km) west of Colorado Springs, Colorado, in El Paso County.  Drivers race up the mountain in a famous annual race called the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

Just before you enter the park you drive past Santa’s North pole. : )  Interesting looking place. A sign said Santa was in and busy making toys.

The drive up the mountain was horrendous, steep switchbacks, tight curves and steep hills.  There were very few guard rails and times the road looked as if it was going straight off the edge and into cloudage.

There was snow on the mountain and also a lot of road works. Made  it interesting to get past huge graders on a small road that mostly was dirt.

When we got to the peak the air was thin and I was pretty dizzy. It really was high. The views were amazing. A cog railway ( you can see it in the shot I  posted) travels up to the peak carrying many passengers, but I think the drive was worth it. I had to stop a lot and have rest breaks walking around the area. It was croweded when the train arrived but really great when it set off again.


We then headed down the hill again and about halfway they stop you and take a heat reading from your brakes. Ours were at 180, and the ranger said GREAT mountain driving. Go the jeep!! We saw mountain goats grazing on the tundra and they happily posed for photos for me.

 We then headed for a drive through the Garden of the Gods, which I liken to a mini Arches National Park. But way too crowded with about 50 people on average on each rock formation. No idea why.

We then headed to Castle Rock and stopped at this massive outlet shopping town, it was huge. We had lunch there and then headed back to the motel. I had a bit of a headache and was sniffly and had a long sleep. I do think that the heights here in Denver does not agree with me. The upside is that I sleep like a log.

Sleepy Car in Denver.

 ps. LOL at the cartoon on one of my first posts and how it relates to this post.




Walking the Stars

Posted in My Trip on July 3, 2009 by carshamus

Walking the Stars


What a huge few days we have had.  We went on a planned tour today. We were picked up by a speed demon of a driver and whisked ( read raced madly without thought or care ) through the city to the offices of VIP tours. We were transferred then to a large bus with a really interesting driver called Monday, Monday was a pretty cool driver who had all the moves and all the words down pat 🙂  We headed back passed our motel and around the marina ,,yet again lol no sighting of the squirell. We went down passed Santa Monica Pier and then up to Beverly hills to look at the houses of the stars. I later got named the Aussie Paparazzi, I guess I took a few photos along the way lol I was fascinated to see Charlie Chaplin’s house  and the Playboy mansion. We weren’t allowed in as they had enough bunnies. We rounded a corner to see the worlds press outside the house where Michael Jackson died.  There were so many people there and so many wreaths and messages, home made crosses and crying people. It was pretty amazing.  After a few more multi millon dollar mansions  we headed down to Rodeo drive.

 I got to take shots of the Beverly Hills Wiltshire where Pretty Woman was filmed. I saw a multi thousand dollar bag I thought was pretty sweet and I talked to the Versae bodyguard about my camera and his job, which was interesting,

We then headed to the Farmers Market for lunch and a tour around a shopping village/world/ neighborhood it was that big.  Very interesting.

 We then headed into Hollywood into the mass hysteria of Michael Jackson’s star which we avoided. I got to stand in Cary Grants foot prints which was pretty cool.  I saw a very manly Marylin Munroe, Darth Vader and Spider-man sitting on a garbage bin… surreal place. I also got to see the Hollywood sign, but hard to see clearly with the smog as it is quite heavy here. But good news  I did see my first blue sky and L.A cloudage today lol

After a late arrival back we headed down to get a coffee, totally addicted to the vanilla/hazelnut taste and then headed back down to “baywatch” beach to watch the sun go down….. which is so late here compared to home.

Off to bed…it is nearly midnight here…Car in L.A






Fear of Mountain Goats!

Posted in My Trip on June 24, 2009 by carshamus


I am not the best at flying, it is actually only the take off’s and landings that I am not so keen on.  So taking into account my trip I could look at it as only  having 12 of them to get through. Twelve…………….. TWELVE!!!!!… .oh my ….. maybe I could take up drinking ; ) But then I really think that that would be worse. Drunk and scared on a plane is far worse than just being scared on it’s own.

But as usual I have a plan, I  think If I entertain myself and find loads of things to do it won’t be so bad. Maybe I could take photos of sleeping passengers or visit the cockpit and annoy the pilot, although I hear you are not allowed to do that anymore. I would take a walk up and down the plane and go and brush my teeth a few times…so that should take care of maybe 15 minuted of my 20 hour journey lol

Can you go online on a plane???? That should fill a bit of time.. and if so where do you plug in the phone line… or do i need to take a really long one 🙂

Suggestions for what to do on a plane to pass the time would be appreciated..I need to consider all options… and keep it clean people lol 🙂 They arrest you for that naughty stuff…
Hoping we don’t run into any mountain goats on the flight 😉 Car

I’m Packed

Posted in My Trip on June 22, 2009 by carshamus

I'm Packed

I swear I am taking the bare minimum.. I  have hardly anything in my suitcase, but can  I keep it below 23kg??? No way lol , you know that is not easy doing. I am not so good at packing light, but I have tried to cull half of what i was planning to take and STILL ….too heavy.. I think the little port is the way to  go………

Did I mention that I am excited 😉 6 days to go….wasn’t it only the other day I had 4 months to wait lol time flies 😉

🙂 Car

Getting Ready

Posted in My Trip on June 19, 2009 by carshamus

I feel so excited now, I have about a week to go and I cannot even sleep with the thoughts of all the things to do and all the things I will see.  I am like a kid at Christmas. No more dreams of BBQ chickens, but I have had a few about meeting Elvis in Vegas, which would be so cool :))) Unfortunately I believe he has already left the building lol 🙂  I hate flying and that thought does worry me…but i will deal with that with fear and trepidation later lol 😉

Places I am most looking forward to seeing in no particular order.

1. Hearst Castle

2. Golden Gate Bridge

3. Monument Valley

4 The Grand Canyon

5 Lights of Vegas

6 Hotel room on first night lol

7 The Arches- Moab

I am sure there are more but thats what is on my mind right now 😉

Now what in the world do I pack in my suitcase lol 🙂 Car

Bailey Helping Mummy Plan the Trip

Bailey Boy Helping mummy plan the trip 🙂