It was a day of driving with not a lot to see in the way but one highlight a pull out on the highway to see Mt Shasta, a large snow covered mountain in the distance with a volcanic crater like mound coming off from the side of it. This was a really gorgeous sight from the viewing point.

We then headed on towards Klamath Falls and stopped in Redding on the way through to do a bit of shopping at one of the massive shopping places on the outskirts of town. It is well and truly time to buy another suitcase as we are overloading the one we brought with us and have already broken the handle on it so we have to drag it in each night.
The next morning we headed out to Lassen Volcanic National Park where you can view Lassen Peak, one of many volcanoes found around the Ring of Fire. It was formed 27,000 years ago as a volcanic vent on the northern flank of Broke-off Volcano. It is one of the world’s largest plug dome volcanoes rising 2,000ft to an elevation of 10,457 feet. There were sections of hydrothermal activity with sulphur pots bubbling and smoking away in the park, I love the colours and patterns this activity creates on the landscape.

We then headed back towards Redding for a little more shopping. (And we got another suitcase)
Next day we drove back over to the coast again stopping at a little town called Willow Creek to go to the Bigfoot museum, apparently we were now in bigfoot country where filmed sightings of the beast has occurred. Besides the massive carved Bigfoot outside the museum that is.

We arrived at Arcata our stop for the night. The hotel was great, a new place with all the amenities however the town for a Californian coastal town was quite run down and full of street people and transients all equipped with cardboard signs wanting food, money and other such things. We overheard a local shopkeeper say to another tourist welcome to Hobo County. (Not Humboldt which is named) Every door of each shop in a local shopping centre was littered with people sitting at the doorways with signs. This is not a place I would recommend worth a visit and to be honest we were happy to leave.
Again we headed off south our destination the Avenue of the Giants, a self drive through thousand year old redwood giants with light filtering gently through the trees. This is a must do amazing drive.

We stopped along the way and explored the forest floor and took in the sights of these old long standing giants and took in the art of a local chainsaw sculptor and all his amazing wood creations creations.
We then again headed towards the coast and along some beautiful shoreline towards Fort Bragg our home for the night.

San Francisco tomorrow……………


P.S Sunset at Fort Bragg tonight ..stunning


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