Bears, Lions and Yaks Oh MY!!!

After breakfast we left Roseburg and headed for Winston a little town just up the freeway. We were headed to the drive through Wildlife Safari which is a 600 acre drive through park filled with hundreds of animals from Africa, Asia and the Americas. We arrived just after nine and spent about three hours driving through the park and then exploring the little village at the end of the road journey. This was indeed a highlight of the trip seeing so many wonderful creatures up close and from the comfort of the car.

Throughout the park were park attendants in watchtowers keeping an eye on vehicles in case people got out amongst the animals because and I quote from one of them “cause they do.” We stopped the car and spent a long time in the Grizzly Bear drive through enclosure watching one bear happily playing in the water and another sitting in his favourite hole he had dug himself for comfort, being this close to these wonderful creatures was amazing.

Other highlights were seeing a Gemsbok, never even knew what it was before that, the gorgeous Flamingos, a bird I have always wanted to see in the flesh (feathers) so to speak and watching the giraffe up close. There was also these amazing Watusi cattle with massive horns I have no idea how they held their heads up.
The emus seemed to know we were fellow countrymen and came right up to the window ( which I had closed) and tried to get in to go home with us as they were very intrigued and then as we slowly moved on followed us down the road as if wanting a lift. This was a tremendous place to visit and I am so glad that we found out this place existed. (Thanks Random McNally Road map for best of the road advice)

We then headed back through Roseburg and out of town on our way to Crater Lake national park, by this time it was nearly 2pm so again it is going to be a long day. We stopped at a restaurant/bakery in a little place called Glide and had two of the best burgers ever. Mine was overloaded with fresh avocado and it was to die for.
Again we headed onward to the lake but are currently struck in our fourth set of road works whilst I blog this on the road and as it is nearing 4pm and we still have a long way to go we may just see the lake before sunset. More soon once we get to where we are headed ……
Back again so we arrived at Crater Lake National Park (Oregon’s only National Park, although I do not know why as this is one of the nicest places for natural beauty with the gorgeous coastline, the mountains and the Forests) and stopped at the first lookout point and walked up to the crest of the overlook to see a massive volcano crater filled with water and nestled in its waters was Wizard Island another small crater.

We drove around part of the rim stopping at overlooks and taking in the views.
This has been an awesome day…. Now onto Klamath Falls for our last night in Oregon before driving back into California tomorrow and as the locals seem to like saying Night Ya All!


7 Responses to “Bears, Lions and Yaks Oh MY!!!”

  1. Wow Oregon and Africa all in one day- We want A Flamingo Pic!! 🙂

  2. I like how you made eye contact with the bear and made friends with the other animals ,love the pics of Crater lake, that looks like it was a great sunset with lovely sun on the water .
    The burgers sound yummy hope you had good food all the way though.
    I guess your back on 101 into Cal or are you inland a bit from the coast , Are you going back to Big Sur on you way down ?.

    Drive careful and have loads more fun.

  3. Love that CLOSE up encounter,,,closer the better 🙂

  4. oh go on then::)) if your going to do it make it real close on those lovely eyes ::))

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