Another Fork in the Road

Took a walk down to the pier this morning and enjoyed a mochachino and a blueberry muffin sitting watching the seagulls play and the Coho Ferry sail out of sight into the horizon on its way to Canada before we left Port Angeles for the final time.
We drove down to Forks a lovely drive through forest and past still lakes reflecting pines.

Forks is known for being the setting of the Twilight series books and we just happened to arrive on Bella’s Birthday and Stephanie Myer weekend celebration. We took a walk down the main street and then out to the Visitors centre to see Bella’s truck from the movie. The town was in full Twilight mode.

After leaving there we drove further down the Olympic coast and stopped at Ruby Beach. This was a gorgeous stony beach with massive rock formations coming up from the water and watching the waves crash against them here was awesome.

There was driftwood everywhere and people had made rock stacks all over them, an interesting site and great for rock shots, which I quite enjoy.

The rest of the day was driving in and out of forest and farmland on the way to Chehalis a stop for the night on the way to Mt St Helens tomorrow.


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