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Home Again

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We are safe home and well, if not a litte tired and with a few things to unpack. All the flights were good and with a total of 12 take off’s and landings during this trip, I am adjusting better to my fear of  flying. The flight out of LA, was delayed for close to one and an half hours which turned it into a LONG flight, but I feel better than I did on the way over. We arrived in Sydney at 7am and had to run to make the connection because of the delay. We were ushered to the front of the line at check in to get over to the domestic flight. I expected customs to be a pain and that we would not get that flight onto Brissy, but it was a breeze.  No sooner had we taken off and the captain said to prepare for landing. After a 15 hour flight an hour one  goes really quick.  We then had a painful 4 hour wait at Brissy for our connection to Townsville. Waiting, waiting, waiting. After out $1.40 vanilla coffee’s all over America a $5.40 latte was a real shock. Strange hearing Aussie accents ( not that I have one) again. ; ) We finally made it home at 4pm after nearly 30 hours I think of traveling. I have the weekend and then back to work. Arrggghhh!!! I guess after 6 weeks I shouldn’t complain : )

Time to go spend time with my puppies…..

Car back in Oz.


Car Number Three

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The day was a long one when we drove to L.A.  just a day of driving down a long straight freeway. It was really busy after we left Las Vegas, after another cruise down the strip, because everyone was coming back from Las Vegas after a weekend away as it was a Sunday.

We got to the motel and settled in and then headed down to the beach for dinner. It was really busy and a lovely end to the day.  It is much warmer than last time we were here.

The next day we headed down for bagels and vanilla coffee. Aggghhh !  They make a great coffee here. We then programmed Cheryl to take us into Hollywood. We walked pretty much the whole of Hollywood Boulevard and bought a few cheap bags to take with us home to fit our purchases in.  We went in and out of some interesting shops in the area and had lunch at a choose your own wok lunch place.

We then headed back to the motel for a while. We decided to head out later to get a car part for the Mustang and a speedlight for the Nikon. These were at two different locations of course.  We were 1 minute from out first destination and came down a hilly street and stopped at a stop sign. We then went to take off and Jerry the Jeep exploded in a loud bang under the car. We tried to drive off the intersection but the car would not go. OMG!!! We turned off the car and got out and oil was spewed out all over the ground. Jerry was very ill indeed. ( the diff is done) CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS!!!!!!!  So we had to wait for a tow truck to bring yet another replacement car and guess what we are back again to a PT Cruiser, silver this time. I am so glad that if this did indeed have to happen then it happened at a nil speed and NOT  on the interstate doing 120km/h.  I took some shots of it on the phone as I didn’t have anything else on me. Luckily we had cleaned out all our things and packed them ready at the motel room for the trip back.

I must say we had so many wonderful people stop and offer help I cannot count, I went into a business and asked for directions to a shop to use the phone and they let me use theirs and I am so grateful to them. I was on two phones at one point and they were wonderfully helpful to let me tie up their lines like that.

What a day.. so after getting into the Cruiser we cruised and got the speedlight of course lol and then headed back to the motel, the car place that we were about 6 metres away from getting to was closed. Grrrrrrrrrr!!!

A yummy chinese dinner calmed us down and we had an early night after all that. Our plans to head to Venice Beach shot. : (

So now I am sitting here in the hotel room full on Vanilla coffee and the best blueberry bagels from a place called Noah’s.  We are about to leave the motel and spend a day around LA before heading to the airport tonight to fly out at about 10pm. 

We have had the most awesome of trips. With 8 states, 12 National Parks and 3 cars down. : ) 

We just have to get through today without breaking another one. 

Thank you to all who have followed my travel blog. I hope that you have enjoyed sharing our travels. I have loved reading your comments and keeping in touch with you all. It has been such a great journey and we have plans already to be back again next year, heading further north this time. Alaska sounds great so I have heard. 

So I am off  to Tasmania in 6 weeks….. lol the count is on : ) 

Car heading out of L.A. 


p.s see you back in Oz



Bryce Canyon, the place where rocks stand waiting like Sentinels.

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We went to Bryce Canyon today,  what an amazing place.  The rock formations were amazing. They  reminded me of a mass army of soldiers all standing  just waitingg for the order. The bold reds, oranges and sand colours were stunning.  This was not a huge National Park, but it packed a punch in the stunning views at each of the overlooks that we visited.

The rock pillars loomed overhead as we explores the Red Rock Canyon as well before we actually entered the park.  Great with the morning light hitting it just right.


I forgot to tell you about this little town we drove through yesterday. Just as you entered the town there was a police car parked on the side of the road. As we drove passed we both looked at each other and said, was that police officer wearing a hockey mask?  When we drove back through the town we went nice and slow to have a look and sure enough there was a dummy dressed as a policmen with a mask on sitting in the drivers seat. LOL Too funny.  

We took a walk down the main street today. What a cute little town center they have here. All the shops are made to look old and the local malt shop had a juke box, a wall of candy straight out of a scene from Willy Wonker. Delightful.

Well we are heading back to L.A. tomorrow…. the count down is on.

Car in Cedar City.

Capitol Reef and a bit of a National Parks and States Update.

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Today we said Goodbye to Salt Lake city and headed to Cedar City via The Capitol Reef National Park.

We stopped and got our standard $5 foot long on the way to share when we got there.I also got my fix of vanilla coffee. Aghhhhh : )

Along the way we stopped at an  old antique shop that had the yard filled with old bikes, chairs, a horse carriage and all sorts of paraphernalia. I took some shots to show  you all. You wouldn’t believe the old advertising sign painted  on the side of the building said the product was sold from Alaska to Australia. Amazing huh!

We then headed on to the park and stopped at Chimney Rock, so named for it’s shape.Then onto twin rocks and you guessed it two large rocks side by side. Balanced and just waiting for time to change all that.  We stopped at Goosenecks overlook and then took a drive up to the overlook that showed a huge canyon with running water down below. After driving past The Castle, a castle like rock formation looming overhead, we headed to the picnic area to eat our subway with five deer grazing  just next to us. They were very thin and needed to eat.


We then headed down to take in the scenic drive and got out and walked down a gorge to see ancient petroglyphs. These were carved into the canyon walls. The echo was amazing. Cooo-eee!!!! We drove down to an old Behuin Cabin, a very small one room brick building with one small door at the base of the cliff. Then onto another walk to see more petroglyphs. These were harder  to make out than the ones at Canyonlands, but no less impressive because of their sheer age. We had to stop at the Old Fruita Scool house where the fruit growers of the area children used to go to school. It was a tiny place surrounded by a rock cliff and a stream. No way out for those kids. lol  Many of the colours and rock formations reminded me of Monument Valley. This is a park well worth taking the time to see. 

I was thinking last night about all the parks and states we have been through, so here is the tally so far on day 34 of our trip.

Now let me far….


States we have travelled through…

1. California

2. Nevada

3. Arizona

4. Utah

5. Montana (ever so briefly)

6.  Colorado

7. Wyoming

8. Idaho


And for the national parks drum roll…..

1. Yosemite

2. Zion

3. Grand Canyon ( north and south rims)

4. Grans Tetons (stunning)

5. Yellowstone

6. Arches National Park

7. Canyonlands

8. Death Valley

9. Rocky Mountains (stunning)

10. Sequia/ Kings Canyon

11 Capitol Reef

with plans to get to Bryce Cayon  before we leave…..


places of awesome interest that I would recommend to all….

1. Valley of the Gods

 2. Craters of the Moon National Monument

3.  Mono Lake

4. More to come ; )

Car in Cedar City, our last stop before heading back to L.A.