Fear of Mountain Goats!


I am not the best at flying, it is actually only the take off’s and landings that I am not so keen on.  So taking into account my trip I could look at it as only  having 12 of them to get through. Twelve…………….. TWELVE!!!!!… .oh my ….. maybe I could take up drinking ; ) But then I really think that that would be worse. Drunk and scared on a plane is far worse than just being scared on it’s own.

But as usual I have a plan, I  think If I entertain myself and find loads of things to do it won’t be so bad. Maybe I could take photos of sleeping passengers or visit the cockpit and annoy the pilot, although I hear you are not allowed to do that anymore. I would take a walk up and down the plane and go and brush my teeth a few times…so that should take care of maybe 15 minuted of my 20 hour journey lol

Can you go online on a plane???? That should fill a bit of time.. and if so where do you plug in the phone line… or do i need to take a really long one 🙂

Suggestions for what to do on a plane to pass the time would be appreciated..I need to consider all options… and keep it clean people lol 🙂 They arrest you for that naughty stuff…
Hoping we don’t run into any mountain goats on the flight 😉 Car


7 Responses to “Fear of Mountain Goats!”

  1. Books
    in-flight movies
    sleeping pills

    I’d be drinking.

    I like the idea of photographing passengers – could meet some people that way. Or get beaten up.

  2. Michelle Says:

    What about copying some photoshop tutorials to word docs (before you leave home / while you have internet) and practicing / learning them during some of the flight.

    A good book.

    The new Rubik’s cube.

  3. Working on Photos in Photoshop on your snazzy new laptop 🙂
    Your Flickr post bylines could detail where the post production was done!

    Looking out the window and enjoting the clouds and the sun and the sky and those amazing landscape patterns and trying to figure out what those strange landsape patterns are or where thehell that goat came from :-))) That’s how I have spent many many long hours in the air…

  4. BMyPhotos (Robert) Says:

    Cool! You are almost down to counting the hours, then the minutes to your trip! As for activities to occupy time on a plane. . . let’s see, I will give you a synopsis of my activities on the last overseas flight that I took: prior to taking off-check all compartments and under all seats to make sure there were no snakes on the plane. Then the actual trip went something like this: sit, watch movie, eat, sleep, watch movie, sit, eat, sleep, more sleeping, wander down the aisle, sit, sleep, watch movie, eat, more sitting, wander down the other aisle, eat, wish the flight was over, sleep, watch movie, sleep, awaken on the other side of the world-priceless Obviously, I am not the best qualified person to offer in-flight activity advice. Just remember, it’s not the journey, it’s what you photograph along the way!! Have a great tme!

  5. SF Knitter (Vivienne) Says:

    We fly to New Zealand at least once a year (and have done the flight to and from Sydney also!) What we usally do: after the first meal, get ready for “bed,” take a little something to help me sleep, then try to sleep until they serve breakfast. That way you arrive a little bit awake, and are able to do some fun stuff–after the shower and little nap!

    Otherwise, I read, watch a movie, listen to my iPod, do my Sudoku puzzles and knit (at least, I knit when I fly out of the States. NZ and Oz do not allow knitting needles through their security).

    Two more sleeps for me before I board a plane…again…but for work, nothing fun!

    Have a safe trip, Car!

  6. Karen (sure2talk) Says:

    I haven’t flown for thirty six years – eek, that makes me sound old – so can’t offer much inspiring advice for inflight entertainment. I’d read, eat, sleep, people watch & eavesdrop (folk do have funny conversations!), do crosswords, take pictures, look out the window, look out the window AND take pictures, lol. Oh and lots of daydreaming, write a novel in your head – better still, write a novel!!
    Have a safe journey and a wonderful trip!

  7. i love flying! i do!
    photograph clouds, sunrise, sunset, people, children.
    i take alot of photos while flying.

    i read.
    i talk to strangers. you hear the most interesting stories. you’d be good at that. yeah make friends with your seat mate. it’s fun.

    drink lots of H20.. you get really dehydrated up in the air. seriously. drink lots of water!! it will help with jet lag.

    pray. and i will be praying you will have a marvelous flight!

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