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L.A. Dreaming

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Winging it through Cloudage


Well here I am … after landing in Sydney we had to get our boarding passes for the international flight, when we finally found where to do this we were directed to the front of the line as we had no baggage to check..thank god, then this lady with a walkie talkie comes along and says don’t book them in… and we said oh no…. so we stood there for 10 min, all ok we thought as we had 2 hours to boared the plane, then walkie talkie lady walks along and says to the couple next to us book them in and to us ….dont book them in … then talks in her walkie talkie..walks  off.. walks back….. then them in meaning us and thats it ….flights full… there were at least 50 people behind us that didnt get in and would have waited til the next day. That would have stuffed us up for getting the  hire car and we would have lost a day here, so then she says you need to hurry it is now bording, so off we run, didnt not see a thing of the airport lol
I thought the flight was pretty good, and we had the most magical landing ever it was like a helicopter landing. So i was impressed .. I walked around a bit and I  saw the best sunset I have ever seen.  I didn’t sleep much but watched a few movies and filled out customs declarations lol wot fun.

Arriving in LA i was exprecting a lot of stress,but apart form long lines no one looked at anything and we walked out and got our cases and that was it.. it was cooler than I thought and smoggy.  We went over to catch a shuttle complimentry bus to where we had to get our hire car. When we got there we had to wait in line for 2 hours which was a pain as we were so tired and hadn’t slept for over 24 hours. I was rocking back and forth in the line lol  

So when we finally got all the paper work we were directed to this huge shed and this guy who I really think could not understand us  said pick any car along the wall so we saw the focus all black but then we saw this sky blue  pt cruiser so we  took that. It is so cute 🙂

I turned the gps on that I bought with me and it connected to the satellite .. pressed our hotel in favourites that I had pre set ..and off we went.. weird on the wrong side of the road..and apart from me screaming that we were on the wrong side of the road  lol we were not… we got to the motels and they let us check in 30 min early lol

After a  shower and a  rest we went out and had Persian ( not the cat) for dinner, it was lovely. then came back and went to sleep, we had been up longer than 24 hours by then …

The weather here is colder than home and the wind down the beach yesterday  on our walk to get food was cold,,,,, not nearly as hot as home. 
I am not sure we will be up to much today .but after 8 hours sleep I need food 🙂  More later… Car in L.A.


See you on the Flip Side

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You Are Not Going Without Us

Well the time has come to grab the port and head out the door…. my tummy is a mess lol Anyhow not a long post, but wanted to say I will see you next time here when I am in another county, and that is pretty cool. I am armed with many ideas for in flight entertainment and plan to utilize them 🙂 Thanks for all the help 😉

Now if only I could get the dogs out of the bag …..   Car xx

Fear of Mountain Goats!

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I am not the best at flying, it is actually only the take off’s and landings that I am not so keen on.  So taking into account my trip I could look at it as only  having 12 of them to get through. Twelve…………….. TWELVE!!!!!… .oh my ….. maybe I could take up drinking ; ) But then I really think that that would be worse. Drunk and scared on a plane is far worse than just being scared on it’s own.

But as usual I have a plan, I  think If I entertain myself and find loads of things to do it won’t be so bad. Maybe I could take photos of sleeping passengers or visit the cockpit and annoy the pilot, although I hear you are not allowed to do that anymore. I would take a walk up and down the plane and go and brush my teeth a few times…so that should take care of maybe 15 minuted of my 20 hour journey lol

Can you go online on a plane???? That should fill a bit of time.. and if so where do you plug in the phone line… or do i need to take a really long one 🙂

Suggestions for what to do on a plane to pass the time would be appreciated..I need to consider all options… and keep it clean people lol 🙂 They arrest you for that naughty stuff…
Hoping we don’t run into any mountain goats on the flight 😉 Car

I’m Packed

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I'm Packed

I swear I am taking the bare minimum.. I  have hardly anything in my suitcase, but can  I keep it below 23kg??? No way lol , you know that is not easy doing. I am not so good at packing light, but I have tried to cull half of what i was planning to take and STILL ….too heavy.. I think the little port is the way to  go………

Did I mention that I am excited 😉 6 days to go….wasn’t it only the other day I had 4 months to wait lol time flies 😉

🙂 Car

Getting Ready

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I feel so excited now, I have about a week to go and I cannot even sleep with the thoughts of all the things to do and all the things I will see.  I am like a kid at Christmas. No more dreams of BBQ chickens, but I have had a few about meeting Elvis in Vegas, which would be so cool :))) Unfortunately I believe he has already left the building lol 🙂  I hate flying and that thought does worry me…but i will deal with that with fear and trepidation later lol 😉

Places I am most looking forward to seeing in no particular order.

1. Hearst Castle

2. Golden Gate Bridge

3. Monument Valley

4 The Grand Canyon

5 Lights of Vegas

6 Hotel room on first night lol

7 The Arches- Moab

I am sure there are more but thats what is on my mind right now 😉

Now what in the world do I pack in my suitcase lol 🙂 Car

Bailey Helping Mummy Plan the Trip

Bailey Boy Helping mummy plan the trip 🙂

My Trip – Into the Blue…

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As you all know I will soon be jetting over to the USA on a holiday. Many people have asked where I am going and what I will be doing so I decided to keep in touch via a blog.  So if you are interested you may like to follow my travels here.

The Plan so far 🙂

28th June  arrive at LAX and head to Marina Del Rey, CA

From there we will be heading to  Santa Maria, San Francisco, Reno, Fresno, Tulare, Las Vegas, Flagstaff, Moab, Idaho Falls, Boise, Salt Lake city, Cedar City big breathe then heading back to L.A

We leave on 4th August to arrive back in Oz late on the  6th August.

So come along  and take a journey with me…. more  soon xx Car